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Patreon allows you to be a monthly patron... a creative partner, really. For $5 a month, probably more than you spend on coffee at your favorite coffee shop, you can help support the arts by supporting an artist. Starting at only $1 a month, you get access daily poems and Patron Only Podcast Episodes! For this $5, you get special access through special, Patron Only Podcast Episodes, PLUS special Thank Yous from me, including a personalized poem and first crack at any publications.

This isn't just a side hustle. Making Word-Things -- whether it's the podcast, poetry, stories, and whatever else -- is what I Do. Art is, first and foremost, a form of communication; and it's my fervent desire to communicate with my friends and folk … those who support what I do... in the most direct way possible. In a very real way, a small amount of financial support from you speaks volumes... not only about  your exemplary taste and temperament, but about your belief in the need for poetry and language in your life and in the world.